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One in three people 'too lazy' to search for dream job

Research from an HR consultancy has shown that 34% of staff are "too lazy" to search for their dream job.

The survey found that 38% of workers are unhappy with their current job, with nearly a fifth of these "hating" it and only one in 10 workers are currently in their "dream job".

Of the majority of respondents who were in a job other than their dream job, 34% said they were "too lazy" to search for the position, while 54% said they were too comfortable in their current role to search for it.

Indeed finding a new role can be both daunting and time consuming however Promed Recruitment recommends that candidates do actively search for their dream job because a happier career leads to a happier employee which in turn leads to better productivity for the Company.

Contact Promed Recruitment and let us help you find your dream job or clients we can source you the personnel you need who are motivated to succeed.

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