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University applications fall - does this highlight a shift in early career patterns?

There has been a reported  drop of 7.4% in the number of people applying to universities and a rise in apprenticeships meaning that there appears to be a shift in the way young people are thinking about careers, and which could force employers to search differently for entry-level talent.

The news of a drop in applicants to university to start this September – although the proportion of school students applying to university remains the highest of any year except 2011 – comes the day government figures show a 63.5% increase in apprenticeship starts.

In the 2010/11 academic year, 457,200 people started apprenticeships, up 63.5% on the previous year, with skills minister saying apprenticeships are “putting businesses on stronger ground to deliver a more balanced economy” and “equipping young people with the skills that build prosperous careers”.

It has been said now that young people will be really assessing employers themselves – ascertaining who offers the best opportunities, the best training.  This is similar to how A Level students ranked or selected universities.

It is now foreseen that the onus will be put on employers and recruiters to look more actively down the food chain and to consider introducing apprenticeships. There are companies who are now concerned that they may be missing out on talent resultant from some A Level students not wishing to attend Universities because they do not want to be saddled with debt since Universities have introduced relatively high fees to study.

Many companies such as Santander have school leaver programmes – Promed is keen to attract good candidates who are keen to join apprenticeships and we are very keen to speak with prospective clients and businesses who are looking to introduce these apprenticeships.


Stats sourced from Recruiter


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