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You are used to paying your utility bills and car insurance bills monthly so why not do the same with your recruitment?

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In these globally challenging economic times we all need to retain our money as much as possible and in order to ease your cash flow ProMed Recruitment has designed a service which many clients are now taking up. This service gives you the ability to cap your recruitment spend every year. It enables you to accurately budget how much money you will need to spend on all your recruitment for the year; the plan is flexible like an insurance plan and guarantees that you will save money.

It stops your recruitment costs spiraling out of control.

After you've watched our video contact Jules Williams of ProMed Recruitment to discuss how we can help you keep your money in your bank for longer and avoid unplanned recruitment.

ProMed Recruitment offers clients the following services:

Personnel Selection

Whether you are looking for permanent staff or interim staff or contract staff
ProMed Recruitment uses extensive advertising to attract personnel; internet and non-internet based as well as journal specific publications. We have access to large databases across the UK and Europe and access to top quality personnel.
ProMed Recruitment is founded on market experience and has the advantage, also, of being able to utilise a large net work of personal contacts.
Head Hunting - is this the route for you?
Professional Head Hunting can be very advantageous to potential clients - realising long term cash savings. Head Hunting assignments are regularly undertaken by ProMed Recruitment, more and more clients are seeing the advantages of utilising this specialist service.
Initially a short list of suitable candidates is proposed, this is seconded by a round of interviews and assessments and finally an offer is made. Exit strategy is advised upon by ProMed Recruitment and start dates are confirmed with both client and candidate. Whilst clients do need to commit to a higher fee in the first instance and agree to working with ProMed Recruitment exclusively, Head Hunting is a route to strongly consider if you are working in a niche market sector or have very specific requirements.
Head Hunting provides clients with gateways through to candidates not registered with any other agency and candidates who are currently working within your market place and often for your competitors; these candidates may not be actively looking for a new job before ProMed Recruitment approaches them. When hiring through this route often less training is required on appointment thus saving your company time and money - head hunted candidates can routinely "hit the ground running". ProMed Recruitment strongly advises clients to consider utilising the Head Hunting route with long term staff retention in mind and long term financial savings.
Please ask for more details relating to head hunting assignments.